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Mick has Moved!

Posted By: Patrick · 9/29/2014 12:37:00 PM

The show with the legendary Mick Foley will now be at Outlaws Saloon on the TCH@1 West Salmon Arm on Friday, Oct 3.

This is great, because the room will have the same energy, much like what Mick used to wrestle in back in the day. He's a three-time WWE champion and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.   

Wrestlers were an interesting nomadic troupe that fought and played hard with each other, and toughed out a living flying high or landing hard on their backs.

Mick takes you for a tour of the good old days before the lights and smoke bombs of the wrestling world today. His anecdotes are priceless and his stories ring true to an era of entertainment now long gone.

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School on Monday? Here’s the scoop.

Posted By: Patrick · 9/18/2014 10:50:00 AM

Procedures for school opening

While we wait to hear about the ratification of the tentative agreement, we realize that there are many questions circulating in the school district about school opening. This information will hopefully answer many of those questions so that you can prepare for next week. With details from the Ministry of Education now in hand, we are now able to share updated information and finalize our opening routines.

Ratification of the tentative agreement

Members of the BCTF and Boards of Education across the province must both ratify the agreement. The BCTF will be completing the ratification vote today and Boards will com­plete ratification by the end of the day tomorrow. Once this ratification process has been completed, the school year can begin.

Opening day

With a ratified agreement, we are planning to welcome back to school all of our students on Monday, September 22nd. We will follow ...

Pink is IN! A huge year for the Salmon Run.

Posted By: Patrick · 9/16/2014 11:55:00 AM


You can see it by the number of people fishing the rivers from here to the coast. Many towns are planning events to coincide with this through the month of October.

What are your plans? Are you going to take the kids to see the fish in October?

Let me know with an email to