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Water walk – how far can you go?

Posted By: Patrick · 10/29/2014 12:48:00 PM


I bet Aaliyah Martin Patterson, Jack Dlray, Claire hall and Samantha Schumacher could out do you!

Hear it on my blog…

The Me to We is a great way for young people to express their concern for the world.

On Oct 28, 2014 The leadership class of had Twoonie Tuesday, and so far have raised over 80K in less than a decade.

The grade 4/5 class of Sounth Broadview along with all the other schools didi the water walk on Wednesday, Oct 29.

They carried water buckets from the College pond to South Broadview School; much like young people do in Ghana and the village they have adopted.

I hope they made as much money, as they did having an impact on all of us! Bravo!

Patrick Ryley

Think you can drive and text?

Posted By: Patrick · 10/27/2014 12:45:00 PM

If you haven’t already seen this bit of brilliance, take a look. A Hong Kong movie theatre asked its patrons to leave their cellphones turned on. And with that, Volkswagen came up with this surprising public service announcement.

Travel safe and watch for the kids this Halloween. Patrick

Where’s the Beef – in your bank account?

Posted By: Patrick · 10/8/2014 10:34:00 AM

A restaurant in New York is selling a burger for nearly $1,800.00.

Groupon and the Honky Tonk restaurant worked together to create the Glamburger.

The sandwich is stuffed with a burger patty made from 220 grams of Kobe Wagyu beef minced with 60 grams of New Zealand venison covered in edible gold leaf and served with Canadian lobster. The Glamburger contains a whopping 2,618 calories - more than the recommended daily intake for an adult.

At least it has some Canadian content ;) Patrick