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Salmon Arm has secrets yet to be found.....

Posted By: Patrick · 4/10/2014 1:10:00 PM

Gwen Koski at 93 years old tells me she wrote for the paper for 42 years.

In an age where there was one paper and one radio, personalities were huge.

She told the stories that mattered and was a favourite in people’s homes.

Then she tells me of Colleen O’Leary – another famous writer for the paper here in town.

Famous through the Shuswap and in the Chase paper as well.

60-80 year olds who grew up here would have known and trusted both names fondly.

Only now at 93 does she rock the apple cart – scandal in the orchard...

Gwen was both women – and nobody knew it was her!


Now if I could figure out how to look and sound as good as Rich Daniels ;)


Family Resource Centre Success!

Posted By: Patrick · 4/9/2014 1:41:00 PM

Family Resource Centre Success!

Hear it on my blog…

Friday the Hideaway Pub was packed for the Family Resource Centre – 120 burger & beer combos were sold to a packed house. Lot’s of great auction items up for bids and the response was huge. Patti Thurston with the Centre thought that they would surpass last years fundraising total of over 3000.00 and wanted to pass along a huge that you to all involved.

It was a great night of music, dancing and great conversation. That and the pairing of women volunteers and the men’s hockey tournament in town was an added bonus – lot’s of dance partners for the night.

Thank you! Patrick

Get your Gold Card at Jacobson Ford = last day for it.

Posted By: Patrick · 3/31/2014 12:10:00 PM

Last chance to get your Gold card. If you buy off the lot today, they will give you a free car wash and vacuum for the next 3 years – for free.

We were at Jacobson Ford on location for the big truck event on Saturday. The event was well attended with Ashley and Lindsey doing the bar-b-q for the SPCA. Lots of great inventory for all consumers and with the truck event – great incentives to buy.

See the pics at…

Thanks for having us on location! Patrick