Have you lost or found a pet? Pet Patrol to the rescue! List the lost or found pet here and make the details available to the wide audience of people visiting our community website.
Do you have a pet to list on the Pet Patrol?  Send us the details or call us at 804-PETS

Pet Patrol

Lost cat - Enderby

Quartz is a one-year-old, neutered, grey and black tabby with a rusty colored tummy. He is slender and has an exceptionally long tail. Missing by Waterwheel park in Enderby since July 16.  Call 838-9741 Read More

Lost Cat - Springbend Road

Lost on Springbend road, a rag doll cat named Darla.  She has long white hair with a grey tail and ears and a bit of brown mixed in.  Call 938-2275 Read More

Lost Cat - Enderby

Lost in Enderby, an orange cat with a light orange circle on side.  Missing since July 21.  Call 540-4100 Read More

Still looking for Gem

Gem, the Border Collie, has been missing since March, but there has been recent reports that she may have been sighted at Blind Bay on Balmoral Road near the Golf Course.  She is very scared and won’t come to anyone.  If you see a scruffy looking black and white Border Collie in that area, please call 571-8600. Read More