Have you lost or found a pet? Pet Patrol to the rescue! List the lost or found pet here and make the details available to the wide audience of people visiting our community website.
Do you have a pet to list on the Pet Patrol?  Send us the details or call us at 804-PETS

Pet Patrol

Lost Dog

 Lost in the Piccadilly area on Saturday evening around 7:30. A one year old puppy, short with a pit bull stance. She has a white mark coming down her chest and a white spot on her front right paw. She is friendly but may be a little timid at first. Call 515-2459 Read More

Lost black and white cat

Lost a 3 – 4 year  old cat, black with white chest and paws and part of nose.  Lost around the 4th Ave and 5th Street SE area.  Call 253-5538 Read More

Lost Black and White cat

Lost a black and white long hair neutered male cat in the branchflower / silver creek area  Call 833-5660   Read More

Found Husky Cross

Found at Club Shuswap Golf Course in Canoe, a husky cross tan and black.  No collar on,  Has a tattoo in ear.  Call 804-8388 Read More

Lost Brown Cat

Lost a female brown tabby cat in the Hillcrest area behind the middle school.  Call 517-8981 if found. Read More