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  • Ultimate Dog Tease is Back
    I laughed out loud when I saw thw first "Ultimate Dog Tease" and thought it couldn't get any better but he's outdone himself this time..Check it out. Read more...
  • R.I.P. Annette
    I watched her on the original Mickey Mouse Club on the ol' Black & White Phillips set and later saw most of her beach movies on Saturday Night at The Movies on TV. Many a boomer boys' first crush I'm sure...See ya Later alligator Annette!     Read more...
  • You, Yes YOU ! Can Be on Wikipedia!!
    Now this is awesome. What about a Wikipedia page of your very own? Some of you, granted, are famous or accomplished enough to appear there but for most of us it's just a pipe dream. Until now... Ladies and Gentleman, presenting I'm On Wikipedia !   Check it out: http://iamonwiki.com/ ... Read more...

About MJ

“The problem with writing a bio”, says Mark Jeffries “is that you either say too little or too much. Say a lot about yourself and you’re an egomaniac, say just a bit and you’re hiding something or a bit of a wallflower.”

What do you really need to know?

Mark’s a B.C. boy through and through; second generation to boot! “I’ve never worked anywhere else nor would I want to unless we can secede and join Washington, Oregon and California as “Cascadia”. Then perhaps a move to the warmer climes of Southern Cascadia would be a nice idea.

Mark loves craft beers (a died in the wool Hop-Head) and enjoys travelling to brew festivals with his wife. He’s a paddler with his kayak (mostly flat water) and is one of the Beatles' biggest fans (really, there’s a room in his house that’s like a shrine to the band).

Mark hates writing bios.